Over the 6 years since I started GWC, I’ve gotten emails and messages from women sharing everything from embarrassing stories to spilling deep, dark secrets – you name it, I’ve heard it. The love, respect and appreciation I have for all of you who’ve shared your story is indescribable – I’m so proud of the friendships and community we’ve built!

In the very beginning of GWC, I was afraid of discussing topics deeper than style and beauty, but over time I realized there was so much more I needed to say and share in order to stay inspired and connected to things that were important to me. After all, Girl With Curves was built on a mission to show women they can look amazing regardless of size, but most importantly feel amazing regardless of size.

This site has been my safe place to express myself for years, and the more I share, the more I find I’m not alone in my thoughts and experiences. In fact, many of us are going through the same things or have been through similar situations, yet we feel alone in our experiences because we don’t share them with anyone. From the many times I’ve shared though, it’s deeply therapeutic knowing I’m not alone.

All of these reasons and more are why I’m so excited to introduce a new column called Dear Diary.

While I love being the voice of GWC, I want you all to feel part of the conversation, lending your voice to important topics, sharing your personal stories openly and honestly, without fear of judgement. From embarrassing moments and funny stories like the one’s in this post, something you just need to get off your chest or a secret you want to share anonymously, I want to hear from you and share your story with the entire GWC community in hopes of helping someone else who can relate.

A Dear Diary entry has no bounds, no rules, and no entry is a bad one – anything goes! You can submit your entry anonymously if you wish, and none of the text will be changed or altered – it will be posted exactly as it was shared and your name will not be used.

To submit a diary entry, email your story to DearDiary@GirlWithCurves.com and stay tuned to read the stories of the many women who connect through GWC everyday.