Quickly checking in from Hawaii to bring you a very important post!

Words can’t express how happy, proud and grateful I am to have grown GWC into the positive, empowering, thoughtful community it is today. I’ve enjoyed being the sole voice of GWC over the past 8 years, and as the brand continues to grow and evolve as we approach our 9th year of online publishing and the launch of the GWC collection right here on our very own domain, I’ve been in search of an inspiring, empowering voice to add to the conversation.

Today I’m beyond excited to introduce a woman I respect, admire and look up to.

Lori Klein is a mom, entrepreneur and writer, but more importantly she’s a relatable curvy girl with a real talk take on all of the topics we discuss here on GWC. She’s sharp, thoughtful, charismatic, and I’m honored to have her as our very first contributor.

So without further ado, I’ll let Lori take it from here! 

x Tanesha

Introducing Girl With Curves Contributor Lori Klein Via Girl With Curves #wellness

I am beyond excited to meet you all and to be part of this joyful, positive tribe of REAL women. My journey with body confidence left a lot of debris on the battlefield (more about that in future posts) and I am brought to tears of gratitude that women like each of you, women like Tanesha, have been courageous and smart enough to say “Wait. Hold up. We are pretty damn awesome. Right here. Right now. As is.” Together you have challenged the long-held beliefs about beauty that we’d been brainwashed to believe. Y’all rock.

As for me, I am a mom to a now-grown son and daughter whom I raised solo. When not zipping to martial arts, dance performances, and parent / teacher conferences, I was busy launching a franchise business. (Yep, I was a franchisor just like McDonald’s. Only WAY less successful.) I loved the creativity of starting and launching things so much that I went on to do it for other companies, too. 

The wild ride I have been on has taught me a lot. About life. About love. About business. About finding my voice. About health and wellness.  About money. About real estate. About All. The. Things. And I can’t wait to share all of it with you, to learn about you, and to help each other through this journey with acceptance, support, and the key ingredient; humor.

Looking forward to getting this party started - stay tuned next week for my first article!