Thanks to Skintimate Shave Gel for partnering with me on this post.

While I always love going on vacation (who doesn’t!), one of my least favorite parts about travel is figuring out which toiletries to bring. With all the airline restrictions on how much liquid you can carry on, it’s always tricky to trim down my usual beauty routine so it fits into a spill-proof case for my checked luggage.

Over the course of a few trips, however, I’ve been able to narrow down my must-have products to bring on beach vacations specifically, which are especially easy since I take minimal products. Because I was in Hawaii recently, I thought this would be the perfect time to share my go-tos! Here are the products I always pack for a tropical destination:

11 Essential Beach Vacation Beauty Products with Hydrating Shave Gel via @GirlwithCurves


When I’m wearing skirts, shorts and swimsuits all day, every day, smooth healthy looking legs are a must! Skintimate shave gel is my latest fave, and the new Sensitive Care formulation contains six moisturizers (including Vitamin E and Olive Butter) to help replenish my skin’s natural moisture, which is great for tropical weather. I also know my legs will look and feel great all vacation because Skintimate helps you never miss a spot by allowing you to see where you’ve shaved and where you haven’t. I specifically love the Island Berry Breeze scent for beach vacations because it subtly fragrances my skin without going overboard – perfect for when you have to skip regular perfume because it attracts insects!

11 Essential Beach Vacation Beauty Products with Lip Balm with SPF + Bold Lip Color via @ GirlWithCurves


I don’t wear much makeup during beach vacations because I like to let my skin breathe in the heat, so during the day, the main focus is always on my lips. Layering a lip balm with SPF under a bold lip color is key, because your lips can still get sunburned despite the pigment in the lipstick.

11 Essential Beach Vacation Beauty Products with Moisturizer + Concealer via @ GirlWithCurves


I typically don’t wear any foundation on tropical vacations, but I never skip moisturizer and a bit of concealer under my eyes. If I do decide to wear makeup for a night out, I opt for a hydrating BB cream, which provides sheer coverage while helping even out my skin tone.

11 Essential Beach Vacation Beauty Products with Vaseline via @ GirlWithCurves


I’ve mentioned before how versatile Vaseline can be in your beauty routine, and on vacation is no exception. I mainly use it as a cheekbone and brow highlighter, but it’s also an effective lip balm, foot moisturizer and easily tames eyebrows, flyaway hair, lashes and treats insect bites!

11 Essential Beach Vacation Beauty Products with Waterproof Mascara + Eyeliner via @ GirlWithCurves


To make sure eye makeup stays intact throughout the day, waterproof mascara and eyeliner are musts, as they won’t come off as easily with sweat or water.

11 Essential Beach Vacation Beauty Products with Suncreen via @ GirlWithCurves


For beach vacations and every day, I use a broad-spectrum SPF. Not only does it protect my skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays that lead to sunburn, unwanted hyper-pigmentation and wrinkles, but it gives my skin the hydrating base it needs for being in the sun all day. For reapplication throughout the day, I use a mineral powder SPF, which I lightly dust over my entire face and neck.