tumblr ljmmuckDDn1qg7d0h Curvy Girl Challenge: The Cropped Trouser

As a girl with curves, finding the right pair of pants is a challenge in itself, let-alone ones that rival runway trends.

One of Spring’s hottest pant-styles is the cropped trouser, but is the silhouette curvy-friendly?  Definitely!

          tumblr ljkq9hailC1qg7d0h Curvy Girl Challenge: The Cropped Trouser

After searching in-person, online, and even in a friend’s closet, you can imagine my excitement when I came across a perfect day-to-night, tapered at the ankle, cropped sateen pant, complete with draw-string.

          tumblr ljkqcrH9Mz1qg7d0h Curvy Girl Challenge: The Cropped Trouser

Paired with my Egyptian Goddess heels and ethnic inspired accessories, this cropped trouser ensemble is everything I hoped it would be- stylish, comfy, and extremely versatile.

tumblr ljkqdpf2ek1qg7d0h Curvy Girl Challenge: The Cropped Trouser

But still, the question remains: how many pairs did I have to try on before finding these? Seven.

Taking the time to find the perfect pair that flatter my curves in the most amazing of ways? Priceless.

*See the article here.


Puff-Sleeve Sweater/Forever 21

Necklace/Vintage, Thrifted




Cropped Sateen Trouser/New York & Co. 

T-Strap Heels/Nine West