5 Steps to a Perfect Pout, Lip Crayon Tutorial

A bold lip is a major part of my signature beauty look, but I’m not a fan of lip liners. They’re tricky to use, hard to color match, and when it comes to lipsticks, I’m super picky about moisture and color bleeding.

While I have a great collection of bold lip stains, I’ve been searching for a product that combines the benefits of lip liner and lipstick in one, and I’m excited to share that I finally found it in a lip crayon! Burt’s Bees Lip Crayons provide creamy, full-coverage matte lip color, infused with Shea butter, Kendi Oil and Jojoba Oil, leaving my lips hydrated and moisturized- the perfect solution to my despise for lip liners and dry lipsticks!

5 Steps to a Perfect Pout, Burt's Bees Lip Crayon Tutorial

For anyone who’s new to lip color, lip crayons are a perfect starting point. They’re super easy to use and best of all, you don’t have to worry about carrying a lip liner and a lipstick in your bag. (I gifted lip crayons in Niagara Overlook and Sedona Sands to my thirteen year old cousin as a back to school gift after hearing how much she wanted to try lipstick, and she loves them)! The full collection has great shades for any occasion- from the office, at school and after hours.

Here’s how to get a perfect pout in 5 simple steps:

5 Steps to a Perfect Pout (Step 1), Lip Crayon Tutorial

STEP 1 | Outline lips with lip crayon, starting from cupid’s bow to each end on top lip, and corner to corner on bottom. (I used Napa Vineyard, perfect for Fall)!

5 Steps to a Perfect Pout (Step 2), Lip Crayon Tutorial

STEP 2 | Blend the liner onto your lips using a lip or eyeliner brush- either one works! (My current fave brushes are from EcoTools. (The brand makes all of their brushes with bamboo handles, recycled aluminum and they’re animal cruelty free).

5 Steps to a Perfect Pout (Step 3), Lip Crayon Tutorial

STEP 3 | Fill in lips with lip crayon, using back and forth strokes.

5 Steps to a Perfect Pout (Step 4), Lip Crayon Tutorial

STEP 4 | Fold a tissue in half and blot color onto tissue.

5 Steps to a Perfect Pout (Step 5), Lip Crayon Tutorial

STEP 5 | Apply another layer of lip color to your lips using a lip or eyeliner brush.

5 Steps to a Perfect Pout, Lip Crayon Tutorial 5 Steps to a Perfect Pout, Lip Crayon Tutorial

(above left) EcoTools makeup brushes (above right, from left to right) Redwood Forest, Niagara OverlookNapa Vineyard, Sedona Sands

This post was sponsored by Burt’s Bees and EcoTools. All opinions are 100% my own