My personal style relies heavily on a mix of high and low, meaning I choose a few key high-end pieces for a look and the rest is pretty affordable. It sounds easy to pull off — and it is, once you get the basics down — but in reality, high-low can easily look cheap or over-the-top if you’re not careful about the pieces you choose!

Here are 5 important rules for mixing pricier pieces with bargain finds, and how to keep your look classy from head to toe in the process:

5 Rules On Mixing High And Low Via @girlwithcurves #splurge #affordable #styletips
1. Invest in Timeless Pieces

When it comes to expensive pieces, invest in timeless classics you’ll reach for time and time again. The most-used items in my closet are designer bags and sunglasses, which I often pair with affordable clothing brands, elevating making the less expensive items.  Pairing designer accessories with less expensive items serves as an eternally classy anchor for any outfit, and the accessories are certainly worth the splurge when you wear them over and over again and they never go out of style.

2. Don’t Splurge on Trends

Even designer versions of trends come and go, so instead of over spending on trendier pieces, opt for the more affordable versions of seasonal items you want to experiment with. Chances are, you’ll love it for a season or two (or if you’re like me, you might get tired of it after just a couple of wears!), then move on — which is much easier to do when a piece costs less than $30, instead of an entire paycheck.

5 Rules On Mixing High And Low Via @girlwithcurves #splurge #affordable #styletips
3. Be a Savvy Shopper

Pay attention to sales and always browse vintage and thrift shops. One of my most prized designer bags is this Louis Vuitton clutch I scored at a local thrift ship for $25! Vintage trends come back around periodically and designer goods never go out of style if the shape and color is classic, so keep an eye out for thrift store finds that could have a forever home in your wardrobe.

4. It's all in the Details

Even if you can’t afford that Chanel bag, take a close look at the details you like most — like straps, zipper pulls, and material — and try to find them in a more affordable version. That being said, always steer clear of straight-up designer knock-offs, they never look classy and will likely fall apart. Go for affordable alternatives instead, that have the same simplistic style, color and shape.

5 Rules On Mixing High And Low Via @girlwithcurves #splurge #affordable #styletips
5. Put Your Own Spin on it

I’m all about personal style being just that — personal! So take what resonates of these rules, then make up your own as you go along. Like everything, even with style, practice makes perfect.

5 Rules On Mixing High And Low Via @girlwithcurves #splurge #affordable #styletips