Hi Everyone!  It’s Tanesha chiming in before sharing this week’s Dear Diary submission from a GWC reader.

I’m really excited about all the submissions we’re receiving and beyond happy you all are enjoying this new column! This one’s a great story of how one reader is making a conscious effort to achieve self-confidence.

x, Tanesha

Dear Diary,

One very wise woman just told me that sharing my thoughts in writing could help me to feel better, so I decided to talk about my issues with the GWC community. Truth is, I’m really struggling right now. With body image, low self-esteem, a lack of self-confidence. I want my confidence back.

Negative thoughts about my appearance are spinning round and round and they’re driving me crazy. I know that thousands of women around the world experience the same struggles everyday and I’m sure that we need to talk about that. It’s hard to look at yourself in the mirror and feel ashamed of your body. It’s hard to look at your favorite dessert and feel guilty about EVEN THINKING of eating it, so what to say about actually eating it? You realize that it is silly to feel guilty about this kind of thing but it seems like you’re not strong enough to fight that feeling back.

One evening I decided to pull myself together and dedicate my summer to self-confidence and loving myself. Every day I will compliment myself. I will say at least one thing that I like about my appearance and body. For example, I think I have nice blonde hair and beautiful blue eyes. I will also get back to my hobbies which I neglected. I will bake cupcakes and pies (I can share some amazing recipes!) And, most importantly, I will spend more time with my friends and family. And I promise that all these mentioned above WILL change the way I feel about myself!


Blonde cupcake

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