I have a white pencil in my makeup stash that I’ve been using as part of my daily face for years, adding just the right amount of pop to my makeup look. But it doesn’t stop there- it can be used for so much more than lining your eyes! From highlighting features to covering up blemishes, here are four ways I put my white eyeliner to work:

4 Ways to Use White Eyeliner via @GirlWithCurves


To make your eyes look bigger, or if you simply want to look more awake, add a light swipe of white eyeliner along your bottom waterline (the inside part of your lower eyelid), before applying the rest of your eye makeup.

4 Ways to Use White Eyeliner via @GirlWithCurves


Using an eye shadow base that matches your skin color is best, but white eyeliner is a great alternative.

Apply the liner in light feathery strokes on the entire eyelid and blend.


4 Ways to Use White Eyeliner via @GirlWithCurves


Believe it or not, covering a blemish with white liner before you apply concealer gets the job done even better!

Gently dot it on so the entire blemish is covered, smooth it out with your finger or a beauty blender and apply your concealer over it as usual.

4 Ways to Use White Eyeliner via @GirlWithCurves


Most people reach for a shimmery highlighter to accent key features like the brow bone, but white eyeliner can be just as effective, and more natural-looking, in my opinion.

To add instant dimension to your eye area, dab a few dots along your bone line and blend.    

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