As we slowly get back into the groove of our post-2020 world, I realize more and more everyday that life is too short NOT to enjoy every single day. And what comes along with this same notion, is the fact that life is too short and our clothes are way too cute NOT to actually wear them without a special occasion as an excuse!

With this sentiment in mind, I put this outfit on, took pics of it in the park, then picked the kids up from my mom, and had a date night over dinner and a movie on the couch.

The moral of this story: wear the skirt, my friends! Or the dress, the sequin top, the comfiest sweatpants you own, whatever it may be –  wear it simply because you love it, if for no other reason at all.

Wearing the Maxi Skirt of my Dreams | Girl with Curves
Outfit Details
Eloquii (wearing size 14)
Skirt: old MadameHall via
Steve Madden (true to size)
Earrings: Vintage, similar
Lip Color: MAC