Now that Mina is three months old, we’re finally getting into a daily groove. Juggling her alongside work everyday, running errands and handling other household chores is finally getting a little easier! Even though I’ve been a new mom before, it’s always a learning experience with a new baby, am I right?! The first few months are always the trickiest, as we’re all short on sleep and my body’s still recuperating from birth, so anything that makes our everyday routine easier is a win. Even better if it’s comfortable and goes with my wardrobe!

I’ve been a fan of Boppy products since Narayan was a baby and I still use their nursing pillows and covers, so I was really excited to have the opportunity to try the new Boppy® ComfyFit® Baby Carrier. It’s inspired by yoga apparel, designed to easily snap on in just 3 easy steps, it’s ultra lightweight and best of all, it’s amazingly comfortable! Although the company recommends babies should be 6 months or older for the front facing-out position, she’s extremely curious and loves looking around, especially while outside!

At this stage, she loves to be carried constantly, so having a solution like this allows me to go about my daily routine, no matter what I’m doing, completely hands-free while she’s attached to me. She’s also starting to show signs of teething already (insane, I know!), so I can’t wait to try their new line of teething scarves, a 2-in-1 teether accessory designed to complement your outfit. When you’re a parent, anything that makes yours and baby’s life easier, is a must-have in my book.

Something else I really appreciate about Boppy is the message they’re sending with the new carrier, in putting the fact that as a mom, you’re never not a mom, front and center. As a mom who wears many hats, I couldn’t agree more! No matter what I’m doing at any given moment, a big part of my identity is being a mom, and being one doesn’t hold me back from doing anything with a baby in tow, photoshoots, washing dishes and grocery shopping included! 

As the saying goes, as parents, we’re always in “on” mode, thinking about what our children need and what’s coming next. At least now with thoughtful brands like Boppy in my corner, every day with a new baby is a little easier.


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