How to Shop Online Like a Pro:
1. Measure Your Body with a Measuring Tape
If you don’t know your body measurements by heart (most people don’t!), invest in a tailor’s measuring tape and measure across the widest parts of your bust, natural waist and hips). This will help you determine the correct sizes to order according to each retailer.
2. Follow Size Charts
A size 16 at one store may not fit the same way a 16 from another store does. That’s another good reason to keep your measurements on hand – you can quickly match them to each retailer’s sizing charts, so you have an idea of whether the size on their tag is actually the fit you’re looking for. This is also important when shopping at international retailers, as their sizing is often different than those in the U.S.
3. Pay Attention to the Model’s Size
Some websites post the model’s measurements, which can often give you a sense of how the garment will look on your own body. You can also get an idea of how the fabric will hang and even move, if the retailer has videos of the model moving in the garment.
4. Make Stretch Fabrics Your Go-To
If you have a body type like mine, meaning your bust, waist and hips are completely different measurement, stretch fabrics are your best friend forever! Even if you order the wrong size, most garments with stretch will still work because they have some extra give. If you’re not sure about how a particular fabric will fit on your body, take a look at the tags on some of the pieces you already own and see which ones look and feel the most flattering to you, then find garments online with fabrics that are similar.
5. Take Advantage of Free Shipping and Returns
Always look at a retailer’s shipping and returns policy before you order – if it’s free to do both, order more than one size of a garment and return the one that doesn’t fit! It’s a great way to have an in-store shopping experience right at home.

Here is a list of my fav shops!