Fashion isn’t always about the designer you’re wearing, or the amount of money you spend, but it sure is sweet finding major labels for less!  

The thrill of thrifting is finding one fashionista’s no-longer-wanted treasures, and making them your own.

So next time you pass by your local thrift store, stop in and look around- enjoy the thrill of the hunt, the joy of a bargain, and most of all, incorporating an old turned new treasure into your wardrobe.

Giorgio Armani Duster: Savers 
Club Monaco Blazer: Goodwill 
Vintage Print Top w/ Bead Embellishments: Savers 
Calvin Klein Denim Jacket: Savers 
Prada Handbag: Goodwill 
Print Scarf: Goodwill 
YOUR TURN TO SHARE!  What are some of your most prized thrifted treasures?