With the majority of us confined to our living spaces, struggles with body positivity and body confidence are at an all time high. In the middle of a pandemic, getting to the gym isn’t an option, and working out from home just isn’t on the list of priorities for most of us right now. And thanks to stress and anxiety that often trigger negative thoughts and disordered behaviors around food and eating, most of us are really struggling right now.

In an effort to help the GWC community through the bopo struggle, I wanted to share a list of articles we’ve published here on the site over the years, all related to body confidence and body positivity. My hope is that these articles, movie recommendations and books will help you (or someone you know) find your way back to a body positive mindset.

Here are 6 articles I hope will boost your body confidence: 


1. How to give your body confidence a complete overhaul.


2.  Unconditional self-love and beauty at any size.


3. Self-esteem project.


4.  Body confidence tips.


5. Body positive documentaries


6. Must-read body positive books.