Since having my son almost 2 years ago, my eyelashes have drastically changed.  While pregnant, they grew longer and thicker (YAY!), but a few months after giving birth, it seemed like I barely had any left. In my search to find something to help restore my lashes, I tried Lash Food, which I’ve been using for a couple of months now, and I can already see a difference in my lashes- they’re already longer and fuller.


My lips are notoriously chapped, especially during colder months. Typically I switch between blistex, burt’s bees or vaseline, but the last time a makeup artist glammed me up on a shoot, she used Mint Rose Lip Balm on my lips, I immediately noticed a difference, and have been using it ever since.  I love the way it makes my lips smooth and moisturized without a greasy look, and it smells amazing.


If there’s one beauty product I swear by, it’s night cream. I’ve been using OLAY hydra firming cream for months and almost immediately I could see less fine lines on my forehead and my skin feels much more hydrated (even when my water intake isn’t as much as it should be). I highly recommend this as a night cream for anyone looking for a great anti-aging moisturizer.

Speaking of beauty…I’m already prepping my list of Black Friday must haves from my go to beauty store, and lots of products are already on sale, here!