Get Centered

Carve out some personal downtime to unwind. Whether it’s creating a morning or nighttime relaxation ritual, taking time to listen to a podcast, audiobook, or doing something you love, like reading or stretching (my fave!), make yourself a priority again. Even if you have kids running around, try to find at least 15 to 30 minutes before they wake up or after they fall asleep, to take some time for yourself.

Start Moving

Remember those wellness goals you set for yourself earlier this year? Check in on your current routine to see if there’s a way you can take even better care of your body. Self-care is a surefire way to heal burnout and prevent it from happening again.


Remind yourself of your power and confidence and draw upon the tools you’ve learned for building it up (I have some tips here and here). Write down what you’re thankful for, as well as any pain points you’re experiencing, in addition to ideas for how you could alleviate those stressors.