I’ve never been a fan of non-neutral nail color, but I do believe it adds a touch of polish to one’s overall appearance- no pun intended! That said, I try to keep my nails painted with clear or my signature opaque white. While white polish has been on trend for over a year now, winter white nails that look just as fresh for Spring are having their moment, and lucky for me, white is my tried and true fave nail color.

Up until I was pregnant, I used soak-off polish. But with my busy schedule now, manicures are a little easier for me to keep up with at home with regular polish. My fave store to shop for all my nail polish essentials is Sally Beauty. While they have tons of nail color to choose from and beauty supplies to your heart’s desire (you’ve got to check out the new nail studio at Sally!), my beloved white polish (which my hubby lovingly calls white out), is OPI ‘Alpine Snow.’

Anyone who’s ever tried white polish knows it isn’t easy to achieve a smooth, streak-free look, but it is possible! Here’s my tried and true guide to getting your best bright white:

Gather Supplies: 

OPI ‘Alpine Snow’

OPI ‘Haven’t The Foggiest’

China Glaze Strong Adhesion Base Coat

ORLY Won’t Chip Top Coat Polish Shield

Nail Tees

Sally Girl Nail Polish Remover Petals

Start with clean, manicured nails (free of polish). Apply base coat and let dry thoroughly. (A ridge-filling base coat is great when using white, because it helps to prevent streaking). My fave base coat is China Glaze, which isn’t ridge-filling, but it’s an amazing base that helps white polish go on evenly.

Once base coat is dry, apply a metallic silver coat of polish. I like to apply a metallic silver as a base color for the white polish, since white can be extremely hard to get even and streak free.

Once base color is dry, apply a thin layer of white polish with just 3 strokes, if possible.  The key to a smooth finish is using just 3 strokes (left, right, then center) to cover the entire nail, which keeps polish from looking too thick. Once first coat of white is applied and 80% dry, apply second coat.

Once completely dry, apply a chip resistant top coat.


Use Nail Tees dipped in acetone (or Sally Girl Nail Polish Remover Petals) to clean up edges.

Thanks to Sally Beauty for sponsoring this post.