Dear Diary,

I’ll admit it, I don’t have the healthiest relationship with food. I’m an adult who rewards, bribes, bonds and celebrates herself WITH food. (The way we sometimes do with kids, but without control and at any given moment). This is why I always fluctuate between clothing sizes. And this is why reaching higher numbers on the scale makes people around me think lower of me. 

The other day a complete stranger felt comfortable enough to walk up to me and disagree out loud with the jean selection that I confidently wore to work that day. Honestly, the random outpour of honesty would of hurt just as bad coming from a familiar face. But coming from someone who didn’t experience anything else from me besides my appearance had me second guessing myself. I even ran behind the counter to throw on an apron (to hide the skinny jeans that made this woman incredibly uncomfortable). Yet a minute later, I felt insane for allowing an observation and a rude comment make me feel inferior. 

Are we responsible for how our bodies and how we clothe them make others feel? Are people supposed to chime in when you’re at your heaviest because they THINK you’re at rock bottom?

Frustrated and Annoyed,


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