As part of my commitment to self-care and something I simply like doing, I treat myself to a mani-pedi once a month, whether it’s at a nail salon or a DIY spa day I create at home. It’s a great way to feel refreshed for the week ahead, and is especially nice as sandal season approaches!

But what you might not know is that what you do in between mani-pedi sessions counts toward your nail health, too. What you eat on a daily basis can actually impact how strong, long, and conditioned your nails are — so why not add a few nail-boosting foods to your daily intake?

Here are 5 foods to incorporate into your daily diet, that will keep your nails looking amazing:

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Eat These Foods For Healthy Nails Via @GirlWithCurves #vitamins #food #skincare
For natural shine

Rub a little bit of almond oil into the cuticle beds at the base of your nails and work it toward the ends. The vitamins in the oil naturally hydrates and gives your nails a subtle sheen.

To get rid of white spots

Eat a handful of pumpkin seeds every day! Because they’re packed with zinc, they not only make your nails stronger, they also help get rid of those little white spots, which could be an indicator of zinc deficiency.

Eat These Foods For Healthy Nails Via @GirlWithCurves #vitamins #food #skincare
To prevent breakage

Add spinach to one of your daily meals, or a smoothie. These leafy greens pack tons of iron, which helps fortify your nails + helps them to maintain a healthy shape (spoon shaped nails can be a sign of iron deficiency).

To increase thickness

Eat cauliflower and almonds regularly. They’re rich in biotin, which stimulates nail growth and helps keep your nails thick and healthy.

Eat These Foods For Healthy Nails Via @GirlWithCurves #vitamins #food #skincare
For dry cuticles

Add foods that are rich in Omega-3, like walnuts, edamame, chia and flaxseeds to your diet. They'll give your cuticles and nails an internal moisture boost, so they never snag or look dry.