1. Brighten Under Your Eyes

Concealer is a girl’s best friend when it comes to looking more youthful and awake. Choose a formula that’s creamy and has light-reflecting pigments in it, to create a brightening effect. Dab it under your eyes and around the brow bone using your ring finger, which is the weakest and best for applying makeup to delicate areas like the eyes. Blend using a makeup sponge or brush. 

5 ANTI-AGING MAKEUP HACKS EVERYONE SHOULD KNOW Via @GirlWithCurves #makeup #hacks #beauty
2. Embrace White Eyeliner

I’ve mentioned in the past how white eyeliner is my daily go-to for awake-looking eyes. Apply a sheer stroke along the bottom waterline (aka the inner lash line) before you apply your other makeup, and it will help to keep your eyes looking bright.

3. Be Careful with Hair Color

Not makeup, I know, but hair color makes a big difference! It’s fun to experiment with hair colors that are different from your natural shade, but keep in mind that super light hair can wash out your complexion, while super dark hair can make your skin look dull. For a fail-proof youthful look, stick to a shade close to your natural color, with a warm color or highlight boost.

5 ANTI-AGING MAKEUP HACKS EVERYONE SHOULD KNOW Via @GirlWithCurves #makeup #hacks #beauty
4. Don’t Overdo it with Makeup

That being said, you don’t want to go overboard trying to cover up imperfections, and definitely apply powder with a lighter hand. And when it comes to makeup, less is more: A sheer application of foundation and concealer is usually all you need, with some cream blush or highlighter for a dewy glow. Any more than that, and makeup can start to crease in your facial lines, making you look older than you actually are.

5. Bronzer Is Your BFF

Everyone loves that post-vacation glow because it makes you look like you’ve been out in the world, living life! To achieve a similar sun-kissed effect every day, find a bronzer that’s just a shade or two darker than your skin tone and apply it lightly in the areas where the sun naturally catches your skin: cheekbones, bridge of your nose, and along your hairline.