|FEATURING| Tanesha Awasthi Holiday 2013 Tutu Skirts in Classic Black and Crème Blush

Ever since I can remember, I’ve dreamt of creating my own clothing line.

While a fuller range is in the works for Summer 2014, I’m excited to share something special for the Holidays.

Due to my undying love of tutu skirts, I designed a Limited Edition version in two colors which will be available on 11/28 at midnight PST, in sizes 8 – 20 at this time.

 Can’t wait to reveal more designs!

**For those of you with sizing questions about the tutu skirts, it should be ordered according to your WAIST MEASUREMENT, as listed on the size chart on the site ( This is the only size that matters for this particular garment. 

NOTE: If your size is no longer available, or you require smaller than size 12 or larger than size 24, let me know! Will do my best to stock those sizes in the future.