The fun of having so many sisters, is sharing beauty products and never returning them! When my sisters found out I partnered with Paul Mitchell to share my opinion on the Curls line, they demanded I give-up the goods.

At first, they didn’t believe that one line could cater to all our textures, but after a week of using the different products, each of them found something they now cant live without!


Daysha (the baby of the bunch) has big, frizz-free curls, but prefers to wear it straight most of the time. Of the 4 products, she’s hooked on the Spring Loaded Detangling Shampoo to keep tangles at bay, and prevent further breakage due to flat-ironing.

Jazmen has thick, frizzy curls that require major moisture, so she cocktails the Full Circle Leave-In Treatment with her daily gel.

Chelsey has the perfect blend of thick and slightly wavy, so the Ultimate Wave gives her the defined beach waves that usually require a curling wand.

Alea’s obsessed with the Full Circle Leave-In Treatment, which keeps her fine curls moisturized, without feeling weighed-down.

My personal faves are the Twirl Around Crunch-Free Curl Definer and the Full Circle Leave-In Treatment. When cocktailed with my daily gel, my curls are soft to the touch and glossier than ever!

Wanna try the products on your curls or waves? Use the salon locator to find products in your area. Visit Paul Michell’s facebook page for more curly hair confessions, or tweet your own using hashtag #CurlConfession.