When it comes to having curls, curly girls either love or loathe their natural tresses. For me, it was extreme loathing- enduring years of being teased for having ‘wild, frizzy hair,’ as my classmates called it…later relaxing my curls to achieve the silky straight hair I always wished for, until eventually embracing the curls my multi-racial heritage gave me. 

One of the most important things about embracing one’s curls, is keeping them healthy and fab! I typically stick with my tried and true collection of curly hair care, but when Paul Mitchell asked me to try the ‘curls’ line (available in October), I had to give it a try.  Not only do the products smell yummy, but the 4-piece collection caters to curls of various textures! My fave product so far is the ‘Full Circle Leave-In Treatment,’ which gives me soft, frizz-free curls, with just the right amount of shine.    

One of my favorite things about the product launch is the message behind the campaign itself, which encourages curly girls to share their loves & hates concerning their curls. In the spirit of expressing our love/hate relationship with our locks, Paul Mitchell created a forum to share how we really feel about our curls.

The truth about my curls? They’re unruly, often frizzy, un-tamed, large & in-charge, and I wouldn’t have it any other way! 

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Conversation Starter: Did you always embrace your curls, or do you still struggle to? Share your story below, I’d love to hear it!