Growing-up, my hair was a major hassle in the morning.  I begged my mom for a ponytail or a braid- “anything but down!” I’d tell her.  

Once I started caring for my hair on my own, I resorted to the infamous curly girl bun. (Those of you with curls know what I’m talking about! You know, the one loaded with gel, mousse, hairspray- just about anything you could get our hands on, before mashing it into a ball in the middle of your head?) It wasn’t until after high school that I began to wear my hair down, like I did when I was too young to care.

Looking back on why I never wore my hair down, I realize it was because I could never find the right products. It wasn’t until I learned how to cocktail the right gel and leave-in conditioner, that I dared to wear my hair down. Nowadays, I rely on my trusty gel and the latest addition to my hair care routine- Paul Mitchell’s leave-in treatment, to achieve the soft curls I once had.

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My latest #CurlConfession: I almost have the same hairstyle I did when I was 2!