6 Tricky Wardrobe Pieces And How To Wear Them Via @GirlWithCurves #pencilskirt #skirt #bodycon #dress

Wide-legged and flowy, culotte pants seem as if they can be as easily styled as a swing skirt. Wrong! Though the lines are similar, the fact that culottes or gauchos are pants, means they can ride up in the wrong places — which doesn’t look good on anyone.

Solution: Pair culottes with longer-line tops, cinch with a belt, and add heels. The longer top and heels keep the visual lines long and dress-like, while the accentuated waistline makes the silhouette sleek and feminine, not frumpy.

6 Tricky Wardrobe Pieces And How To Wear Them Via @GirlWithCurves #pencilskirt #skirt #bodycon #dress
Body Con Dress

A lot of women have a love-or-hate relationship with the body con dress because it’s so form fitting. But if you choose the right construction, it can be a classy, confident way to show off your curves.

Solution: Look for dresses with layered front paneling, which gives the dress structure and often eliminates the need for shapewear underneath. Stripes can also look great, as they help visually accentuate your natural curves. And always pair a form-fitting body con dress with heels — it keeps the lines svelte and long.

6 Tricky Wardrobe Pieces And How To Wear Them Via @GirlWithCurves #pencilskirt #skirt #bodycon #dress
Spaghetti Strap Dress

Wearing spaghetti strap dresses for everyday can be a bit tricky, especially if you have a larger chest. While they’re a great staple for warm weather, most styles require a strapless bra (which can slip down), and can be overly revealing. 

Solution: Put a close-fitting, crewneck tee underneath. Not only does it allow you to wear a regular bra under your dress, it makes the look a little more sophisticated for everyday wear — not to mention it adds some fun ‘90s vibes to your look!

6 Tricky Wardrobe Pieces And How To Wear Them Via @GirlWithCurves #pencilskirt #skirt #bodycon #dress
Puffer Jacket

When it’s chilly out, a puffer jacket is your best friend. But many styles are a bit too casual for more formal occasions, like work or meetings, and add extra bulk to your look.

Solution: Choose a puffer with a slimmer fit,  a rounded collar, and style it as you would a crew neck sweater. One of my favorite layering tricks is to wear an ultra feminine top underneath, such as a peplum, letting the detailing peek out at the bottom hemline. The peplum adds a pretty twist to the overall silhouette.

6 Tricky Wardrobe Pieces And How To Wear Them Via @GirlWithCurves #pencilskirt #skirt #bodycon #dress
Crop Top

If you don’t feel comfortable showing your midriff or find crop tops too be too revealing, this summer staple can seem totally off-limits, but it isn’t!

Solution: Always pair crop tops with high-waist skirts and pants that rise to meet the top’s bottom hemline. That way, you get the visual effect of a shorter top but maintain coverage.

6 Tricky Wardrobe Pieces And How To Wear Them Via @GirlWithCurves #pencilskirt #skirt #bodycon #dress
Pencil Skirt

One of the questions women often ask is, “How do you wear this kind of skirt when it’s tight all over?”

Solution: The key is to keep the focus on your bottom half, and wear a loose blouse on top. Whereas tightness through the stomach and lower regions can feel and look too uncomfortable, accentuating only one area keeps the look sophisticated and the lines streamlined.