Statistics claim that 8 out of 10 women are wearing the wrong size bra. Despite this fact, we should all know by now that a great outfit starts with a great foundation, so if your undergarments don’t fit well, your entire outfit suffers!


With brands like Curvation, who specialize in fit and comfort for fuller busts, there’s no excuse to wear an ill-fitting bra.  Besides, what good is an amazing outfit if your undergarments don’t fit well?! 


Here are 5 ways of of determining if your’e wearing the wrong size bra:


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To prove you’re rocking amazing style with the right underthings in tow, Curvation invites you to pin your fave looks on their Pinterest page,

using hashtag #LookbookForAll.

*This post is sponsored by Curvation, opinions are my own.


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