1. Give Your Time Away
When I’m focusing on the wellbeing of others, I’m not only taking the focus off myself, I’m helping someone else in the process. Volunteering your time, especially during the holidays, helps put everything into perspective and reminds you to appreciate the little things you may be taking for granted.
2. Get Outside More Often
A change of scenery can do wonders for your mindset. Get some fresh air by going outside and exploring a local park or even just take a walk down the street during your lunch break. Even ten minutes away can shift your energy and provide some positive inspiration.
3. Have Mindful Conversations
I choose to lead with lighthearted conversation during the holiday season, when everyone – especially family – is a little more emotionally sensitive. While I think having deep conversations about your relationships, health, or even political beliefs is healthy and important, sometimes charged topics can easily spiral into stressful situations during the holidays. Choose carefully the times you start emotionally sensitive discussions that could trigger feelings of depression or insecurity in yourself or others, or better yet, save them for a licensed professional who can give you an unbiased opinion.
4. Practice Gratitude
Combined with the points above, practicing gratitude is by far the most effective way to feel happier across the board. Focus on what you have that makes you happy and content rather than the areas where you feel you’re falling short. How you express gratitude is up to you, whether it’s through morning meditations, journaling, prayer, or speaking your gratitudes aloud to a friend.