You probably noticed some home page and logo changes today!

After months of meetings with my team, asking some of you your honest opinions and studying analytics, we’ve updated the site to improve navigation, search-ability and overall experience. Here’s what we’ve done:

The Popular Reads section will now feature popular posts like my hair routine, skin care routine, discussions on confidence, self-esteem and useful How To’s.

In the Sidebar, you’re now able to see my Day to Day Instagram posts, so if you aren’t following me on Instagram, you can easily view my latest posts.

Another feature I’m really excited about is the Shop Instagram page. I often post looks that don’t make it to the blog, latest finds (as well as family pics, meals, makeup- you name it!), so if you’re interested in shopping those posts quickly and easily, you can now shop my Instagram posts here on the site.

For the time being, shop my latest finds and links to other items I’ve recently purchased have been removed from the site in order to declutter the space. If you’re interested in receiving information on my latest purchases, favorite beauty products, household items, etc. please subscribe to my Newsletter.

In noticing how popular the search function is on desktop, the Mobile Menu now has one as well! For example, to view maxi dresses, simply enter the phrase, press ‘enter’ and each and every post about maxi dresses will appear.

Now for the part I’m really excited about…

It’s been 6 months since rebranding from Girl With Curves to my name, and as you can see in the updated logo, Girl With Curves has been reincorporated back into branding. 

After putting the phrase away for a while as a way to create my own public identity as the person behind the brand, and work on strengthening the message behind being a girl with curves, it was a collective decision amongst myself, my team as well as many of you, to add it back into branding. That said, we have many exciting things in the works, including a passion project I can’t wait to share, so stay tuned for the big announcement in the coming months!