Zebra at the Honolulu Zoo Honolulu Zoo Lioness by Dave Awasthi
Honolulu Zoo by Dave Awasthi Peacock at the Honolulu Zoo Midi Skirt, Boater Hat

Boater Hat


Skirt (here to size 24)





Lipstick (in Mirange Ampified)

The Honolulu Zoo is by far the best Zoo we’ve ever been to. Seeing the animals healthy and happy in their massive habitats that resembled those they’d be in if they were in the wild, was such an great experience. 

I shared some of my vacation looks on instagram in real-time, but I’ll be posting a few outfits from the trip in the coming weeks here on the blog. Two things you’ll notice are this boater hat and earrings on repeat. 

I’m a habitual overpacker, but since this was the very first time we vacationed without any family members to assist with lugging suitcases, etc., I really made an effort to pack light so we weren’t struggling through the airport- especially while island hopping! On this outing, I wore my go-to warm weather sight seeing ensemble: an easy midi skirt, simple tee and sandals.